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Get a physical copy of SUPER BEST FRIEND #2 with the George Kambadais cover. This 48 page comic book is the second adventure in the SUPER BEST FRIEND saga!


In our 44 page second issue, Mattie is struggling to survive his attack as a cyclone of cybernetic clones, electric doppelgangers and Army tanks pursue him. It’s an adventure full of Silver Age Energy that examines the relationship between superheroes and their fandom. After this zany journey, Mattie will not only climb the ladder to his destiny — he’ll discover his SUPER BEST FRIEND.


"SUPER BEST FRIEND is a rollicking classic super hero tale!" - Christopher Cantwell (IRON MAN & THE BLUE FLAME)


This issue was created by Ringo Award nominated writer Jason Inman (Jupiter Jet & Super Soldiers), artist George Kambadais (The Black Ghost & Buckhead) letterer Taylor Esposito (Beef Bros & Red Hood) and editor Brittany Matter (Miranda in the Maelstrom & Jupiter Jet and the Forgotten Radio)


***Issue will be signed by series writer Jason Inman

Super Best Friend #2 - STANDARD COVER

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