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Get a physical copy of SUPER BEST FRIEND #1. This 48 page comic book kicks off a brand new superhero adventure! Watch the series trailer here.


WELCOME TO TOMORROW CITY! Where young Mattie Moore has always had many friends, including the renowned Captain Terrific, the world’s greatest superhero! Because of this close shared friendship, Mattie is always the first man at any crime scene they call Captain Terrific to. He records the captain’s acts of heroism for the world to see on a channel lovingly called “SUPER BEST FRIEND.”


These videos have garnered Mattie fame, celebrity, and friendships with all the superheroes in the world. However, it’s Mattie’s friendship with Terrific that means the most to him. However, everything changes when Mattie makes a grave mistake! He records Captain Terrific during a personal moment, accidentally revealing his secret identity, Calvin Cobb, to the entire world! HORRENDOUS! Villains attack Terrific’s friends and families, tearing his life apart. But what can Mattie do? He’s no superhero. It’s up to Mattie to restore his friend’s secret identity through any wacky means necessary. Can the young Mattie Moore repair the clamorous situation?


CREDITS - writer - Jason Inman (Jupiter Jet & Super Soldiers), artist - George Kambadais (The Black Ghost & Vampire Diaries) letterer  - Taylor Esposito, edits by Brittany Matter. 


***Issue will be signed by series writer Jason Inman

Super Best Friend #1 - STANDARD COVER

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