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Official Website of a Kansas Farmboy turned Veteran, Ringo nominated Comic Book writer, author, and Geek History Lesson podcast host.

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Jason Inman survived a combat zone to write this bio. The proud son of rural Kansas farmers, Jason worked in the automotive industry and was deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom where he was awarded the Army Good Conduct Medal. All the while consuming as many science fiction novels and comic books as he could to feed his imagination. 

Jason is the author of Super Soldiers, a nonfiction novel about the secret connection between superheroes and the military which actor Dan Aykroyd called “vivid and entertaining.” Also, he was nominated for a Ringo Award three times for co-writing the graphic novels Jupiter Jet, Science: The Elements of Dark Energy and Jupiter Jet & The Forgotten Radio. Each book combined science fiction with all-ages adventure. 

After uploading hundreds of YouTube videos while wearing T-shirts, Jason has gone on to host for DC Comics, The CW, Warner Bros, Collider and Screen Junkies. He continues hosting a weekly podcast called Geek History Lesson which educates listeners about the fictional history of pop culture characters. You may have spotted Jason’s hand in the original opening of Good Mythical Morning, a show he helped to develop while producing and writing the first 400 daily episodes. 

One of Jason’s proudest accomplishments was running the Jawiin Charity Drive for Service Members for six years, which raised $7000 dollars and donated over 150,000 comics and items to soldiers overseas. 

Recently, he was the showrunner’s assistant on The Code on CBS, and he continues to work at their studios, assisting in the development of new hour-long dramas that will hopefully make it to the small screen one day. Stay tuned…


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